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Leslie Matthews Medal
The medal honours the memory of Mr Leslie G Matthews (1897-1997), a barrister, pharmacist and scholar, and is intended to promote research in the history of British pharmacy to which he made a major contribution.

The first medal was awarded to Mr Leslie Matthews in May 1992 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the BSHP.

The medal is awarded for original and scholarly work in the history of British pharmacy, and evaluation is based on competence of research, skill in interpretation and ability in presentation. The president and a panel selected by the Committee evaluate nominations for the award.  Nominations, accompanied by a detailed statement of the work and achievements of the candidate in the history of pharmacy, may be made to the President in confidence by member(s) of the BSHP.

Further information on the award may be obtained from the Honorary Secretary.

Winner of the Leslie Matthews Medal

- Mr Leslie G Matthews, MM, FRPharmS , FRSM, FSA, Barrister
1995 - Dr Juanita A G Burnby, BPharm, PhD, FRPharmS, FSA
1996 - Dr Melvin P Earles, BPharm, MSc, PhD, FRPHarmS
1998 - Mr William A Jackson, BSc (Pharm), MSc, FRPharmS
2010 - Mr Ainley Wade, BPharm, MPhil, FRPharmS
2011 - Dr Peter M Worling, FRPharmS, PhD
2011 - Dr Stuart C Anderson, FRPharmS, PhD
2015 - Mr Peter Homan, FRPharmS
2015 - John K Crellin, B.Pharm, MSc, PhD, LRCP, MRCS
2017 - Professor Terry D.Turner OBE
2018 - Briony Hudson BSc, MA (Cantab), MA (Leicester), AMA

Leslie G Matthews