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British Society for the History of Pharmacy

Burnby Memorial Bursary
This British Society for the History of Pharmacy offer a Bursary of £500 annually to a student at, or associated with, a School of Pharmacy or other higher educational establishment.

The winner of the Bursary gave a 20 minute presentation at the Annual Spring Conference of the British Society for the History of Pharmacy. This was based on an original piece of work on a topic relating to the History of British Pharmacy.

A portion of the Bursary was used as a contribution towards the conference fee.

Having run for its intended 10 years, this Bursary scheme is now closed.

Past recipients

- Susan Osbaldstone, Strathclyde University, 'Pharmacists' entry into the National Health Service.'
2013 - Sarah Trenfield, Cardiff University, 'Chlorpromazine and how it revolutionised the world of psychiatric drugs.'
2014 - Elizabeth Nally, Imperial College, 'Itching for a solution; making topical steroids a standard treatment for eczema.'
2015 - Laura Ghiggino, University of East Anglia, 'Chemicals, Herbs and Liquors: Medicines in 1914.'
2016 - Anastasia Schulze, Warwick University, 'Under official and expert discussion': An examination of the social status of expert scientists in Britain through a study of media portrayals of the benzodiazepines crisis, 1960-1990.'
2017 - Katey Logan, Warwick University, 'Hearing the voices of Boots pharmacists: An investigation of identity 1930-2000'.
2018 - Alex Bowmer, Kings College London, 'A View from the Farm: antimicrobial resistance before antibiotics c.1940-1960'.

2019 - Katrina Maydom, 'Consuming New World Drugs in Early Modern London: James Petiver's Apothecary Practice.'
2020 - Sebastien Kroupa, Cambridge University, 'Medical knowledge in transit between Manila and London: Philippine materia medica lost and found in translation'

2021 - Emily Betz , University of St Andrews, Francis Bernard (1628-1698): A Seventeenth-Century Apothecary and Physician.

Dr Juanita Burnby