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British Society for the History of Pharmacy

Peter Homan Small Grant Scheme
In memory of Peter Homan, past BSHP President, pharmacist and pharmacy historian, the British Society for the History of Pharmacy has established a small grants programme intended to support a wide range of pharmacy history activities. BSHP will award grants totalling £500 twice a year.
  • research including travel to archives/museums, photography, buying books
  • events and activities such as providing speaker expenses for a pharmacy history lecturer to give a talk at a school of pharmacy, or to pay for a group to visit a pharmacy history collection
  • engagement including funding towards a pharmacy history display, the production of a podcast, or to create a schools’ activity
  • networking such as attendance at a conference or lecture.

We expect applicants to use the grants efficiently, for example making their best effort to travel in the most economical way within reason.

Applications for funding must be made in advance of any activity. Grants may not be used to cover expenditure that has already been incurred.

Grants are available to all UK residents -current BSHP committee members are not eligible to apply. If the applicant is applying on behalf of a team or institution, please ensure that contact details of a named individual are provided. Re- applications may not be made for the same project.

How to apply

We welcome applications for grants at any time.

Your proposal should be made using our standard application form, with requires the following information:

  • Proposed activity requiring funding including details of any key dates, intended outcomes and what the grant would enable the applicant to achieve.
  • Mention of any other application for funding.
  • Breakdown of proposed expenditure.
  • Applicants also need to organise that a short statement of support for your application to be submitted by a referee.

The completed form should be emailed to

The decision-making process

The Grants Panel will meet every six months, in June and December, to consider applications received during the preceding six-month period.

On receipt of an application, the applicant will be informed of the date of the meeting at which their application will be considered.

All applicants will be notified of the result of their application within 2 weeks of the Grants Panel meeting.

Successful applications

Successful applicants will be contacted and payment of the grant will be arranged.

Grants should be spent within 12 months, unless permission for an extension is obtained from the grants panel.
A brief report is required within 3 months of the activity/project completion. Details of activities funded by the grants will be included BSHP’s Gazette, and where appropriate, submissions for the Pharmaceutical Historian arising from grant-funded work would be welcomed. Any publications or outputs that result from the grant should include an acknowledgement of funding received from the British Society for the History of Pharmacy.

Past recipients

  • Emma-Leigh Crawshaw in support of the Apothecary Expansion Project at the National Emergency Services Museum, Sheffield
  • Verity Smith in support of pharmaceutical aspects of the development of a Creativity Gallery at the National Civil War Centre, Newark Museum