Pharmaceutical Historian

The Pharmaceutical Historian has been published since 1967, at first intermittently, but on a regular quarterly basis from 1972. An index for the years 1967 to 1995 was published in 1998. An index for 1996-2000 was published in the December 2000 issue.
Issues generally comprise 16 pages and cover.

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Instructions to Contributors

Material submitted for publication should preferably be sent as a Word document attached to an email addressed to Illustrations should be sent as .jpg files attached to an email. Pictures are normally converted to black and white for publication.

For the general style to be used consult a recent copy of the Pharmaceutical Historian. The ‘Vancouver’ style of references used by the Pharmaceutical Journal or British Medical Journal is preferred, except that the titles of all journals and books should be in italics, with a numbered list of references at the end rather than as footnotes.

Submissions should be accompanied by the name and address of the author(s) and a telephone number or e-mail address. Authors are encouraged to state their degree and professional qualifications and, where appropriate, their post, affiliation, or city of residence. If correspondence is requested a street or e-mail address may be given.

Papers are accepted on the understanding that they are subject to peer review and editorial revision to conform to the style of the Pharmaceutical Historian. Unless agreed with the editor the material should not have been published elsewhere. Short reviews of books, interesting 'filler' items, letters suitable for publication and photographs relating to the history of pharmacy will also be considered.

Weights, measures and currency in historic units should be accompanied by a means of conversion to modern and SI units where appropriate.

References or notes should be numbered in the order in which they appear in the text. A full list of references and notes should be given at the end of the article. The names and initials of up to three authors should be given. Any more should be followed by et al. Journal titles should be abbreviated in the style of Index Medicus. The references should be in the form:


  1. Wade A. Martindale: The men and the books. Pharm Hist 1999; 29(2): 24-32.


  1. Young JH. The Toadstool Millionaires. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1974: 109.

Articles in edited books

  1. Burnby JGL. An Examined and Free Apothecary. In Nutton V and Porter R (eds). The History of Medical Education in Britain. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1995: 16-37.

Illustrations in the form of photographs, tables and line drawings are welcomed in black and white. Colour photographs will be converted to monochrome. Original photographs should be scanned as .jpg or .pdf files and sent as e-mail attachments. If more than about 5MB are sent it is preferable to send them as two or more messages.

Copyright. Papers are accepted for publication on the understanding that the copyright is transferred to the BSHP. Readers may make single copies of articles for their personal use. Permission should be requested from the editor to make multiple copies or to re-publish material.