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British Society for the History of Pharmacy

Burnby Memorial Bursary
This British Society for the History of Pharmacy offer a Bursary of £500 annually to a student at, or associated with, a School of Pharmacy or other higher educational establishment.

The Winner of the Bursary undertakes to give a 20 minute presentation at the Annual Spring Conference of the British Society for the History of Pharmacy.  This in based on an original piece of work on a topic relating to the History of British Pharmacy.

A portion of the Bursary, £250, us used as a contribution towards the conference fee, and is paid directly to the Conference Organiser.  The remainder can be used by the Bursary winner, and will be paid to the successful applicant before the conference.   Download the Burnby Bursary Notice for more details.

To apply for the Bursary, please request or download an application form from the Secretary of the British Society for the History of Pharmacy.

Past recipients

- Susan Osbaldstone, Strathclyde University, 'Pharmacists' entry into the National Health Service.'
2013 - Sarah Trenfield, Cardiff University, 'Chlorpromazine and how it revolutionised the world of psychiatric drugs.'
2014 - Elizabeth Nally, Imperial College, 'Itching for a solution; making topical steroids a standard treatment for eczema.'
2015 - Laura Ghiggino, University of East Anglia, 'Chemicals, Herbs and Liquors: Medicines in 1914.'
2016 - Anastasia Schulze, Warwick University, 'Under official and expert discussion': An examination of the social status of expert scientists in Britain through a study of media portrayals of the benzodiazepines crisis, 1960-1990.'
2017 - Katey Logan, Warwick University, 'Hearing the voices of Boots pharmacists: An investigation of identity 1930-2000'.
2018 - Alex Bowmer, Kings College London, 'A View from the Farm: antimicrobial resistance before antibiotics c.1940-1960'.

2019 - Katrina Maydom, 'Consuming New World Drugs in Early Modern London: James Petiver's Apothecary Practice.'
2020 - Sebastien Kroupa, Cambridge University, 'Medical knowledge in transit between Manila and London: Philippine materia medica lost and found in translation'

Dr Juanita Burnby